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Short for: Guitar Hero Sluts
"you guys are GHS"

"you are just jealous dailyn"
by MrT1ki May 05, 2007
a word that means "queer" and is pronounced QWUR.

basically how sick people say it
dude 1:"u see that emo qwr over there?"

dude 2:"yea hes a total qwr"
by MrT1ki October 29, 2007
codeword for condoms. due to their simmilar shape in package.
guy1:"dude take this condom, you dont want your girlfriend pregnant"

guy2:"dude thanks for the moist towelette. *wink* *wink*"
by MrT1ki June 13, 2007
Short for Plan Get Laid
so hows plan gl going?

its not the going....its the comming
by MrT1ki September 06, 2007
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