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A derivative of the word "gay". Many steps between gay and gey, such as geyp, geypey, and gaip, led to the final form of the word. Used in many different situations, the tone used in saying the word will define the exact meaning. Primarily used as a negative, in certain situations where it is understood by both parties, it can be a positive thing, mostly in a greeting and preceeded by the word "mista". In the most insulting form, it can mean a complete joke, a fake, a poseur; someone who is a failed attempt at being something tight. Unlike above examples, gey can never be used as a noun, but always an adjective.

"That band was sooo gey."
"Oh geeeeeeeeeey."
"I had to go to Saturday School today, it was seriously gey."

Positive (as understood by both parties):
(Greeting) "Ohhhh mista gey."
"I heard that you were an oh gey guy."
by MaBigOBalls July 04, 2006

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