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A short-lived ad campaign by Urban Dictionary that failed because too few of people wanted mugs with the likes of cleveland steamer, jalobes or scene to identify them before they've had their coffee.
Everyone knew that Jim meant business when he emerged from his cubical before 10am sporting his Urban Dictionary moose knuckles coffee mug which he purchased through the get this def on a mug ad campaign.
by Pointer of the Obvious July 07, 2009
The phrase that marked the turning point for Urban Dictionary. It started as a primarily user run, democratically regulated site which was synonymous with subversion, self-parody and cultural critique. Too popular for it’s own good, UD’s owners’ no doubt became overwhelmed with its potential for self-promotion and capital generation. Now, after every definition readers are reminded that someone is making money off their "user generated" dialogue. Even “Teabaggin” can be turned into a commodity - a side of subcultural slang now available with your morning coffee.
Former Devoted User: Yeah, I used to think UD was the shiat. Whatever…these days you can get this def on a mug.
by Gideous July 07, 2009
Now you can read the definition for 'cunt' while you sip your tea and eat your frosted flakes.
If you press 'get this def on a mug', you can get this def on a mug, too.
by Striped Henley July 07, 2009
term used to indicate something is very appealing.
"Haha Pat that was funny as shit!"
"Yeah imma get this def on a mug!!"
by grrrrrrumbles August 15, 2009
New addvertv for custom coffee mugs with ur favorite definition on UD. Even better than bustedtees because they're basically part of the definition and imposable to ignore.
My Brother: Theres an addvert on UD for custom coffee mugs!

Me: I know I just expressed my dislike for it on urban dictionary.

search:get this def on a mug
by i pay girl for sex July 07, 2009
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