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The phrase that marked the turning point for Urban Dictionary. It started as a primarily user run, democratically regulated site which was synonymous with subversion, self-parody and cultural critique. Too popular for it’s own good, UD’s owners’ no doubt became overwhelmed with its potential for self-promotion and capital generation. Now, after every definition readers are reminded that someone is making money off their "user generated" dialogue. Even “Teabaggin” can be turned into a commodity - a side of subcultural slang now available with your morning coffee.
Former Devoted User: Yeah, I used to think UD was the shiat. Whatever…these days you can get this def on a mug.
by Gideous July 07, 2009
Is a play on the expression Freudian slip or a verbal mistake that is thought to reveal an unconscious belief, thought, or emotion. A “freudian miss-click” refers to the same phenomenon occurring during a text based conversation such as texting, instant messaging or an email exchange when a word is substituted from the unconscious mind in place of the intended penis.
Zoë: What the hell happened with your definition here? I was following just fine until you suddenly started talking about penises.

Gideous: I know, it’s so embarrassing. The thing is, it’s been a while, you know? I’m trying to focus on my lexicography but I really need to get laid – must have been a Freudian miss-click.
by Gideous July 05, 2009
An outcounter is when you encounter someone outside of the context in which you know them. The severity of an outcounter can range from a relatively benign run-in with your librarian at the grocery store to more disturbing experiences such as running into your girlfriend's father in the adult video store. Outcounters provoke a sense of the uncanny, a "crashing of worlds", a decentering of perspectives.
Dude 1: Dude, you'll never guess who I had an outcounter with last night at the movies.

Dude 2: Uh oh, ..dude...who?

Dude 1: My boss. I was totally stoned and bumped into him - spilling my popcorn - awkward chit chat ensued. It was extraordinarily obvious that I was high.

Dude 2: Bummer, dude. What an outcounter! So much for that raise.
by Gideous June 28, 2009
A prattler is the type of person who tends to talk on and on about themselves and the mundane details of their lives. A prattler is the most inane kind of conversationalist.
Jon: Don't sit me next to her please! She's the worst person to end up sitting beside at a dinner party.

Jan: I know. She's a real prattler.
by Gideous March 23, 2009

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