living your life how you want to get what you want get if you can and don't care just be a boss. dont care what no one but you says.
person!: I want a new car but i don't know if i want the kind i want or what anyone else wants.

person2: man don't care about them jus get it how you live.
by hurricanecronic. October 18, 2008
Top Definition
1: to get money however you can or to use methods most available to you

2. to acquire anything by any means necessary or available
1. Person 1: Most people get jobs to make money, but where I'm from the only way to make money is by selling drugs.

Person 2: Ay man, get it how you live.

2. Person 1: Bro, i haven't gotten anybooty in like two months. I'm a man on a mission this weekend.

Person 2: Ay man, get it how you live!
by HassanBlack March 29, 2010
To use the means which are available to you based on your personal life situation.
Liberal White Man: Jamal, what made you decide to sell crack as opposed to other less illicit methods of earning money?

Jamal: Yo mane, I ain't got no education, I ain't got opportunities, out here you gotta get it how you live
Liberal White Man: Ah, I understand. Could I cop a brick?

Angry Black Man: Why do rich people always have to exploit poor people?

Rich Man: Often we find that, that is the most lucrative avenue available to us by virtue of our circumstances.

Angry Black Man: Ah, so I guess you say you gotta get it how you live
by Blackashell September 21, 2011
To acquire something spur of the moment, or to have something occur, not premeditated, and to keep it or go on guilt-free, through "finders, keepers" or "roll with the punches" reasoning. Originated through inner-city New Orleans street slang.
Person 1: You just found that three Gs, and you gonna take that shit to the bank?

Person 2: You know it. Get it how you live, boy.
by Cant F Wit NJ December 12, 2008
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