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To use the means which are available to you based on your personal life situation.
Liberal White Man: Jamal, what made you decide to sell crack as opposed to other less illicit methods of earning money?

Jamal: Yo mane, I ain't got no education, I ain't got opportunities, out here you gotta get it how you live
Liberal White Man: Ah, I understand. Could I cop a brick?

Angry Black Man: Why do rich people always have to exploit poor people?

Rich Man: Often we find that, that is the most lucrative avenue available to us by virtue of our circumstances.

Angry Black Man: Ah, so I guess you say you gotta get it how you live
by Blackashell September 21, 2011
1. The only predominately Black university in the state of Tennessee that is worthy of the name.

2. The home of the world famous Fisk Jubilee Singers.

3. A school where as a freshman you can do work-study as a tenured professor at the pre-penitentiary called Tennessee State

4. The older sibling to every university in Nashville, Tennessee

5. The jewel of the Black Ivy-League

Tennessee State University student: Damn professor, you must have graduated from an amazing university to be such a brilliant lecturer.

Fisk University student: Well actually, I haven't graduated from college yet, I am a freshman at Fisk University, I volunteered to help teach the hopelessly illiterate, and they sent me here.

Tennessee State University student: That explains alot. (gets on floor and grovels.) I am not worthy.
by Blackashell October 02, 2011

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