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to have someone ejaculate or "skeet" on you
even a nigga with 24s can get skeeted on
by burgerkingfolife May 01, 2006
1. Literal meaning. To have had somebody's skeet released upon oneself.

2. Figurative meaning. Used as a taunting exclamation of superiority or dominance. Can be used in place of owned or pwned in a game.

3. A noun "skeeting" on something is always seen as being superior or dominant to the noun being "skeeted on".
1. "She told me not to cum in her, so I pulled out and she got skeeted on".

2. "Haha, bitch, u got skeeted on. Skeet skeet, noob!

3. "XBOX 360 sucks. It's gonna get skeeted on by the PS3.
by Biomechanical December 01, 2005
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