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To drink such a large amount of alcohol that you start to destroy chromosomes.
'Man, I've got ten cartons of beer, four bottles of tequila, seven magnums of champagne and a flagon of wine. Lets get retarded!!!!'
by uncleboonie November 04, 2003
An overweight person
"Look at that stuffed shirt, ma nizzle!"
by uncleboonie February 25, 2004
The Highlands of New Guinea's equivilant to a big mac.
(said in pidgeon english): "I was starving so I had a can of worms."
by uncleboonie February 15, 2004
Something you say when an in-bred redneck asks you the time
In-bred redneck: "What's the time on that there portable counting clok you is wearing?"

You: "Stupid o'Clock."
by uncleboonie February 15, 2004
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