when u tell sum1 2 leave
come on, just go, man!
get out of here, guy!
when u here this, that means im telling u 2 go now, bitch.
git on, whiteboy
git tha hell on
(that means extra get-outta-here 2 u, bitch.)
by YoungCali October 03, 2003
Top Definition
Verb: To engage in sexual activity with a certain (hopefully mad sexy) individual
"Everyone wanted so badly to get on Suzanne because she was so damn fine."

"Damn that boy has a nice ass, I'm going to get on him tonight"
by Sex Bomb February 24, 2005
(v) to make out with
You would totally get on her if she wasn't retarded
by the awful truth May 17, 2008
Australian slang for buying drugs.
"Let's go out clubbing already!"

"Nah I gotta wait to get on first"
by house-of-filth November 29, 2007
To buy drugs.
"Let's go 'get on' a QP."
"I'm already 'getting on' later this arvo. I'm waiting for my 'old mate' to call me back."
by Diego September 05, 2003
to go out) not sexuly but like on that jock mainly used in sea-town
damn shawty's fine im tryin to get on
by larisha October 17, 2007
to get high on drugs, usually weed
oi bruz are you getting on tonight?
wanna get on?
by annnnnnnnnnnnnonnn June 20, 2009
a form of congratulation
dude1: hey man i aced my driving test

dude2: get on!

dude1: heh inorite!
by rundata July 19, 2010
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