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From the Latin word gesticulus, diminutive of gestus.
1. (tr. verb) To make gestures especially while speaking, as for emphasis.
2. A favored word of the Drakku.
3. Sounds really perverted.
Teacher, Robert won't stop gesticulating at me in public.
by Drakku March 09, 2005
1. A random sexual act. It is used as a placeholder for any act. ANY.
2. A combination of: genitalia, ejaculate, masturbate
3. To gesture with your hands
He gesticulated wildly to prove his point
by gesticulating.corner June 13, 2009
1) v. to give oneself the reach-around as one gyrates the hips and waves with the free hand, while in a public venue.

2) v. to gesture with the hands.
James like to gesticulate at the birds by the duck pond.
by Berry & The Femji August 01, 2011
To articulate something using hand and facial gestures.
-He wasn't very gesticulate during his speech.

-She was very gesticulating the impact of cigarette smoke on toddlers.
by zing_zhang April 20, 2009
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