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Splitting the voting population in favor of the group in power by any means necessary, such as specifically targeted advertising, redrawing district lines, teaching specific politics in schools, or violence.
It was gerrymandering when the Catholic highschool took the children to a Bush rally.
by Slippy P Funk Yo D Fird September 14, 2004
Moving the books/notebooks of other students into different desks to influence where they sit during class. Used for political structure.
Lookee me, I am gerrymandering John's stuff onto that other desk. I am usurping his throne!
by Bizzlitz Masta January 28, 2008
A great word to use around young people who don't know what it means; can fill in for all sorts of other words.
Did you see those two gerrymandering after the game last night?
You could definitely tell that he had just finished gerrymandering.
Did you do anything last night, or did you just sit around gerrymandering?
Congressman : I just finished reorganizing voting districts to benefit my political party.
Voters: Why is there so much gerrymandering?
by Gerrymanderingpigeonholr March 10, 2016
In the context of Ireland, esp. in the time of establishing its independence on Britain, gerrymandering was used to describe the practice of some individuals going to the polls several times at different places, so that the party (Fianna Fáil in this case) was sure to win the elections.
My granddad told me he went gerrymandering dozens of times although he was not paid for it...
by leper February 15, 2005
Pleasuring a woman with a regenerating salamander of the genus Salamandrina. It is a common practice to sedate the salamander before insertion due to several documented cases of the salamander crawling up, biting, or making a home within the female genitalia.
Dude, last night was hardcore. I stole a salamander from the zoo and was gerrymandering around with your mother all last night.
by Funk Master Fresh March 07, 2008
A term old teachers use to tell you shut up and sit down
by M-Mamma October 21, 2011
Doing nothing productive, jerking off
"Damnit Corey, stop gerrymandering and give us a hand here."
by UCB-Brett February 21, 2004
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