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The obsession, or adoration of elderly adults over the age of 70. Particularly by teenage females.
"Oh my gawd, Debbie, your Granny is like, so totally cute!"

"My cousin thinks all old people are adorable, she is such a geriophile."
by Eric Blair March 26, 2005
64 7
1) A young person who creeps at the elderly.
2) One under the age of 50 and it attracted to those over 75 years old.
"Dude! She's so old! You;re such a geriophile!"
by Kristy Bryan August 23, 2008
16 12
An male or a female the has sex with an eldery person.
"I can't believe John slept with your grandma, he is such a geriophile"
by ppsh3841 October 09, 2009
7 9