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Term used by geocachers to describe a situation where a geocacher disables or archives all of their geocache hides, becomes inactive, or deletes their account.
Did you hear that "JackTheCacher" committed geocide last night?

Yeah I saw, my inbox was filled with archive notifications.
by dollarbell October 11, 2009
Geocide originated in Japan with most other means of suicide. It is now practiced world wide as an alternate to life.
Basically consists of slitting your wrists or neck with a sharpened thin section of any type of rock. This is generally used by Geologists who hate Geology so much they end it with the thing they love to hate; thin sections.
Judy bought her husband Jimmy a new microscope for their anniversary but too soon too late he had already comitted geocide with a Paleozoic metamorphic shist thin section.
by HerpaDerp March 07, 2012
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