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Probably the most useful science that encompasses every other science, math, and engineering. Without it the water you drink would kill you or not be there (groundwater aquifers), the buildings we use would subside/crack/soil compress/liquefy/corrode/fail, just about anything wouldn't exist (what do you think steal, iron, copper, titanium, etc. are mined from?), there wouldn't be oil, natural gas, or coal (the world would stop), we would still think the Earth was 6000 years old, the environment would die, and a bunch of other things you wouldn't even think of would cease.
If you don't know what geology is, you are an absolute idiot.
by Bill_Nye April 30, 2010
the study of pressure and time.
Oh andy loved geology. I guess it appealed to his meticulous nature
by hitandmiss November 17, 2013
Where miles aarons rapes rocks
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
The study of solidified dinosaur poop spanning the worlds biggest urinal and extra terrestrial planets.
by Dr. Bleached White Nigger November 07, 2003
A pseudo-science that lies only a few steps above sorcery. Your typical geologist has his head up his ass and takes his field way too seriously.
Geology is such a sorry excuse for science.
by WesNile September 17, 2008

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