A place for high school misfits and immature adults to chatter about meaningless banter.
I <3 sanjay
by Goatse jr. September 03, 2003
A forum that actually has some pretty hott womens. (Basil_Limeade)

A place where "DHITB" "10k" and the word "Waffles" became LEGENDARY.
Damn id fap to Basil_limeade while thinking about DHITB.
by Ravenpilot April 12, 2005
One of the primary perpetuators of the Bunchie phenomenon.
Wow. Genmay made yet another Bunchie parody.
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
An intarweb forum where your pen0s size is increased to immense sizes by spamming and lieing and my creating drama++

see also:
intarweb pen0s
by OMG ANONYMOUSE! May 04, 2003
Originally a play of the words GayMen but rearranged and claimed to be short for General Mayhem.

But we all know the real truth don't we?
I'm just off to get some homo porn from GayMen, er I mean post on GenMay.
by lol July 12, 2004
Genmay is an internet forum which is hellbent on reusing old and now unfunny internet catchphrases. Just look at the other definitions for what I mean. Most of thier humour is stolen from somethingawful.com after their forums have sucked all the funny out of it.

Genmay is basically where all the fark/somethingawful washouts end up. If you enjoy killing every last little bit of a joke over and over again, this forum is for you!
Hey man, I just visited Genmay and I saw a totally hilarious image of Admiral Ackbar saying IT'S A TRAP. AHHAHAHA LOOOOOOOL.
by Tom November 08, 2004
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