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A term used to describe something or someone that is bad, ugly, minging, hanging etc

Related terms- reGENKulous

Me: What was that girl you pulled last night in town like?
Tom: dude she was genk!

Me: Have you seen MM without her makeup on today?
Sam: She loooks reGENKulous!
by Genkkk October 24, 2011
To describe something as shit.
"What a load of genk"
"I'm just going for a genk"
by Bl@kes March 16, 2007
To jizz, cum or spray semen.
"...And then I genked all over her tits."

"I couldn't control myself so I just ended up genking everywhere"
by GenkGalore December 03, 2011
A flake
So I was supposed to have a date with that hot chick Jessica, but she was a total genk and called to tell me she couldn't come.
by nachtgewächse March 13, 2009
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