As in Khan. An adjective used to describe something that is exceptionally badass. Can apply to a person, situation, etc.
He walked away from the explosion in slow-motion without looking at it. It was so genghis.

My yacht is so genghis. I turned it into a pirate ship and use it to to attack other ships on the high seas.
by friendlynietzsche January 14, 2011
when on VOIP your mic starts to cut out and makes your voice sound all electronic like filthy dub.
"dude Emory did you install a genghis add on for skype?
by genghis trawn October 20, 2010
a prefix that can infer such things as ,extreme, monstrous,huge, overwhelming, gigantic, ,or the worst
He is the biggest prick I'd ever met .He warrants the title genghis asshole . She is the dikiest dike that I've ever seen ,she's a genghis dike.
by liilin foryu August 12, 2009
A very hairy vagina.
I went down on my girlfriend last night, but she really needed to shave her genghis.
by Dave Mousanony April 16, 2008
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