1. Testicles
2. Army leaders
1. "Ahh! You kicked me in the generals!"
2. "Where did those generals go?"
by Anonymous April 04, 2003
Same as usual.
Person 1: Hey whats up
Person 2: General
Person 1: Oh same.
by AirplaneEater September 13, 2010
General is a norwegian snuff brand. Most people that use snuff i Scandinavia use this brand.
Dude, do you have a general?
by Evert A September 13, 2005
a name used for a large penis, such as my own
i whipped out the general for my bitch

my general was saluting when i saw a fine shawty
by niki August 28, 2003
Any meaning associated with homosexuality, perverseness, molestation of children and adults between ages of 16-47.

Mainly used as an adj, but on occasion can be modified to be an adverb and noun.
It's 10 pm, General is coming for your children.

Dude, stop acting so General around the guys, you are freaking them out!

by KumarRH July 27, 2007

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