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A friend, with whom you are having casual, yet emotional sex. Differing from a Fuck buddy in that there is emotion involved in the pairing, usually a combination of jealousy loneliness.
Uninformed Man: Well, I don't have a girlfriend, but I know a girl who'd be really pissed off if she heard me say that.

Learned Man: You sir, have a gender friend.
by Spencers Finest January 07, 2008
pron.; boyfriend or girlfriend; as opposed to saying 'are they boyfriend-girlfriend?' you would say 'are they gender-friends?'
boy: let's go to the movies tonight.
girl: as friends, or as gender-friends?
by Leah Leah Bo Peah August 19, 2007
A gender-free way to address a boyfriend or girlfriend so as not to offend people who are gay, although it is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Partner, Other Half, My Steady and Bedmate are all better alternatives for gay-friendly ways to signify a steady relationship. The term genderfriend is also useful if you see a couple, one of whose gender is ambiguous.
I am taking my genderfriend to the movies tonight; I hope I can get to third base after sitting through a gender-flick.

Did you see that girl and her, ummmm, genderfriend? Was that an ugly chick or a girly guy?
by Bay-gles March 18, 2007
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