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older brother in mandrin Chines
ta shi wo de gege. he is my gege(older brother)
by dailo101 July 10, 2009
Gege means princess in chinese, if spelled 格格.
It can be somebody's name, too. So the girls named Gege should be like a princess, maybe pretty like one, or graceful as one.
For those who don't know, Gege is pronouced ga-ga in the amercian way and the 2nd 'g' is NOT capitalized.
Most people named Gege are fun to hang out with, but thats within opinion.
dude, she seems like a princess.
whoa, then her name must be Gege!
by gegezany July 26, 2009
a ge-ge (jee-jee) is another word for someone who is flawless or sexy.
damn that girls sooo ge-ge!!
by sashaD January 20, 2008
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