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clownin`, making fun of; originally formed in tha bay area...east bay]
why ya`ll geesin` for?
by WAY 2 SAUCY March 12, 2005
51 1
An overly loud and obnoxious homosexual.
Not pleasant to be around or party with, extremely embarrassing.
That's geesin!
by The Dark Invader April 24, 2011
1 2
bustin a nut all in a bitch; to climax in a woman as fast as possible.
i was kickin it with this female, and next thing u know i was geesin all in that bitch.
by Beav-nut December 06, 2010
1 3
going bald; receeding hairline
Yo the corners of his hairline is geesin
by Bloat Monies September 09, 2003
2 9