Very excited or hyped about something; Extremely happy.
"Dude, I'm about to get so doudy tonight. I can't wait."
"Uh, your so geeked right now, Jimmy."
by Ninja John Jimmy Bones July 14, 2006
marijuana and crack/cocaine mixed in a blunt
"That bitch is takin too long to roll that shit. I'm about to smack this hoe, roll the joint myself and get geeked up and be on my way to space"
by chichichia September 20, 2009
Moderately intoxicated. Somewhat more than a mild buzz. About halfway to being gone or lit. Results in some degree of light-headedness. One step short of being tipsy.
Having already wolfed his second Gin & Juice, Jack started to show signs of being geeked.
by gameoverDude August 15, 2007
To be high, namely off that kush marijuana
I hit that kush before i got to the club last night, and was geeked as a mothaf******.
by AmP31 February 12, 2006

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