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1. Either a nerd that is socially active or a jock with a recordable IQ and some technical knowledge
2. Someone that likes to have fun and knows how to have it in every way possible due to a strong sense of curiosity and/or high intelligence
3. A person that enjoys science fiction
4. A person that enjoys fantasy
5. A video game fanatic
6. A person that enjoys being slightly abnormal
7. Anyone that wishes to be referred to as a geek
8. A computer expert
9. A person that is picked on in high school and later becomes the boss of his former tormentors
10. Anyone that obsesses about subjects of his/her own personal interest and becomes an expert on the subject due to the obsession
11. An expert in any given field
12. An general insult used by those of low intelligence to refer to the intellectual elite. This common error is made through failure to recognize the difference between geeks, nerds, and dorks
13. One who knows the difference between a nerd and a geek
That geek has more friends than the nerd, but is smarter than the jocks and normies.
by Mattlkd October 12, 2009

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