Very excited or hyped about something; Extremely happy.
"Dude, I'm about to get so doudy tonight. I can't wait."
"Uh, your so geeked right now, Jimmy."
by Ninja John Jimmy Bones July 14, 2006
Polishing your chrome bumper with a toothbrush as a result of doing an eight-ball in 15 minutes.
I am so geeked out. What? Who said that? Is there someone looking the window? Oh well im going to vacume the carpet again. Who wants another line?
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
Geeked means..

1: tripping out of your mind.

2: really exicited, stimulated, happy.

see also excited, awesome, trippin, geek, hyper, happy

you don't need drugs to get or be geeked see also geeked up.
"Eventually if it was meant to be, then it would be
Because we related, physically and mentally
And she was fun then, Id be geeked when shed come around
Slim was fresh yo, when she was underground" - common - i used to love H.E.R
by Appkey November 09, 2006
1.Term used when under the influence of Ecstasy
1. Refer to song by Gucci Mane-"Pillz"

2. Q: Are you geeked up?

A: Bitch I might be
by jobiekc July 08, 2009
Being or becoming a geek; Being "pwned" by someone 'geek' in nature.
I had no social life, and no friends, so i looked towards becoming a geek. That's when I was geek'ed.

Damn, I thought I was so good at Halo, but I just got geek'ed!
by Ian Suri July 01, 2005
being high on cocaine to the fullest extreme; as high as one can get
Danny was so geeked last night, he couldn't talk.
by B.R.V. October 11, 2007
to get high or wasted
WOW what is wrong with lindsay turco. YOU: O she was mad geeked
by dangle November 16, 2006
the start of getting high or smoking a blunt
yo lets get geeked
by william123 July 10, 2008

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