One of four titles used to classify someone based on their technical and social skills. The other three titles are nerd, dork, and normie. The difference between the four titles can be easily shown in table form:

................ Technical ...... Social
Title ............ Skills ......... Skills
---------- ---------------- ------------
Normie ......... No ............. Yes
Geek ........... Yes ............. Yes
Nerd ............ Yes ............. No
Dork ............ No .............. No

Normie: A normal person. Blah.

Geek: An outwardly normal person who has taken the time to learn technical skills. Geeks have as normal a social life as anyone, and usually the only way to tell if someone is a geek is if they inform you of their skills.

Nerd: A socially awkward person who has learned technical skills due to the spare time they enjoy from being generally neglected. Their technical knowledge then leads normies to neglect them even further, leading to more development of their technical skills, more neglection, etc. This vicious cycle drives them even more into social oblivion.

Dork: A person who, although also socially awkward, doesn't have the intelligence to fill the void with technical pursuits, like a nerd, and is forced to do mindless activities. Almost always alone. Usually with an XBox. Like playing Halo. All day. Every day. Not even understanding how the Xbox is making the pretty pictures on the screen. Very sad.
If you met me at a party, you would have no idea that I enjoy finite element analysis-based inviscid flow modelling using computational fluid dynamics. That's because I'm a geek.
by SnipeYou August 26, 2006
A Geek is some one of a high intelligent who is interested in technology and electronics, not to be confused with a nerd who is simply interested in this of intellect like mathematics, science, or Dungeons and Dragons.
The Geek squad at Best Buy works only with computers.

"Look at that geek on his computer."
by Lemon Ninja June 06, 2007
I am geek so i know how do desribe them , geek tend enjoy thing that are consider unpopular (for me its Star Wars , World of warcraft etc.) Geeks do not have to be smart , that would be a nerd, both nerds and geeks have friends but a geeks friends would probably say "Hey Albert i just got PvP Epic Armor on my Gnome warrior!" while a nerds friend would say "Hey Albert i just Got a A+ on my math exam.
Geek - Video games , Sci- Fi stuff
Nerd - Brain power , school
by Darth gnome June 02, 2007
A person who knows almost everything about subjects that interest them (such as video games, anime, movies, etc.), but are socially indistinguishable from everyone else.

Commonly confused with dork and nerd, but is very different.
"I just found out my boyfriend can name all the different Pokemon and what their moves are! He's such a geek!"

"You've memorized the entire geneology of the Greek panthenon?! You're a major geek!"
by Akage June 16, 2008
One who passionately engages in one or more things to extreme levels. A commonly ascribed term to people in the field of computer programming, but one does not have to be in a technical field to be a geek. The only criteria is an intense level of interest in something, often to a highly specialized degree.

The term currently seems to be most used when referring to various fandoms. Whatever you do, never mention the Endor Holocaust to a group of Star Wars geeks. It will become amazingly convoluted.
I just finished creating a full-sized exact replica of the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo, complete with seat indentations based on the estimated weight of each member of Mystery Inc. I'm such a geek!
by Mr. ZAP February 13, 2011
To help u understand "Geek" the hierarchy of geek goes as follows:

GEEK~ has the interest and intelligence to do what he wants, but no particular style- geeks can be anyone. You will someday work for them. Often has bad grades.

NERD~ Has both the interest and intelligence, but is bogged down by his nerdy, outsider style. They will work for your company, and do all the work, but never show up for meetings or get a raise. Strait-A

DORK~ Just the crappy pants up to high, taped glasses, wanna-be style without the intelligence or even interest in things like real video games, manga, or computers. NOTE- often possess "wanna-be" interest in theses subjects.
Remember that guy who tried to tell u about the latestest physics engines for ragdoll style games? You punched him in the face? Nerd.

The geek was the sniper who kicked ur ass at call of duty the other day, probably while writing an zine and burning an effigy of bill gates.
by ~Fife~ May 25, 2010
A Geek although easily confused as a nerd is not. A geek is somebody who obsessives over tv shows, video games, Movies and things like that. Geeks are usually fangirls and fanboys who will be in fandoms, write fanfics, and buy clothes about whatever there obsessing about. It can be very insulting to a geek to be called a nerd.
me "My favorite fandom is Doctor Who"
friend "Your such a geek"
by Maudiethegeek April 04, 2015
Many people think that a geek is someone who is mainly interested in computers or comics and lacks adequate social skills.

This is wrong.

A geek was originally a member of a circus who at one time or another had homosexual experiences with someone else. Obviously this word and many others have changed.

As previously said, a geek seems to mean someone who invests a large amount of time into either technical subjects or things related to comics, video games and/or science fiction and fantasy subjects. There are many more parts of being a geek though.

A geek is someone who places a large amount of time into anything - as long as it can be said that somebody places an extraordinary amount of time into a certain subject they are geeks. Ergo, someone who is heavily invested into music, movies, or porn is a geek. This definition doesn't especially attack any group. Nay, it puts everybody on the same level as everybody is a geek. History buffs are geeks, as well as Beliebers. One doesn't have to look at themselves in shame when they consider themselves geeks, but as people with a passion that they are proud of and aren't ashamed to admit.
"That person is such a geek; they are interested in (insert subject)" so much."
by Eradicaar December 18, 2011
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