*Alternate* Zombie(s). Literally one who eats the flesh of a human. This term is famous from the tv series "The Walking Dead" Where it is used interchangeably with the term walker and dead.
Geeks are goddamn everywhere in that city
Shut your mouth or you'll bring the geeks down on us!
At least a dozen walkers in the street plus two geeks in the alley!
by AbuHarb November 27, 2010
A geek is A nerd who has a specialty.
A Computer Geeks specialty is Computers.
by InternetGeek96 January 22, 2010
A Geek although easily confused as a nerd is not. A geek is somebody who obsessives over tv shows, video games, Movies and things like that. Geeks are usually fangirls and fanboys who will be in fandoms, write fanfics, and buy clothes about whatever there obsessing about. It can be very insulting to a geek to be called a nerd.
me "My favorite fandom is Doctor Who"
friend "Your such a geek"
by Maudiethegeek April 04, 2015
"Obsessively enthusiastic." -Dr. Who, S3 - E7. The Lazarus Project.
"What is that, it looks like a sonic resonator." -The Doctor
"Oh, He's a science geek, I should have known." -Tish
by Magnymbus June 20, 2014
a person who honestly could not possibly care less what is "cool" or what people think about them.
If they like something that no one else is interested in (books, tumbler, doctor who) they will proudly display and talk about those things.
Not to be confused with a hipster... Hipsters try too hard.
Bob's love for shakespearian insults really brings out the geek in him.
by KimiJay January 06, 2014
An intelligent person with not much of a social life surrounding their school life.

Always one of the teachers favourites lower down in school as they know all the answers.
Mainly the person you always ask to copy if you don't know the answer yourself.
"She's a geek, she knows everything."

"You're a geek, can I see your answer to this question?"
by iamadictionary January 19, 2011
According to my Hubby. A Geek and a nerd are similar. Except that a geek has sex, and gets it on a regular basis. Where as a nerd does not or is still a virgin.
OOOOhhhh, I am going to pop that nerds cherry. Dude she isn't a nerd she is a geek
by kiki_ugabuga May 21, 2010

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