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The person who is called a loser because they are surrounded by stupid people.

A smart person who has both technical and social skills. Not to be confused with nerd who has technical skills but only has those technical skills because he has the time from not having friends or any form of a social life.
Geek (18 year old guy) - Dude! Did you hear that Jake just finished finding a buffer overflow exploit in Google Chrome before he went to the movies with his friends?

Nerd (18 year old guy) - Mommy! I just found a buffer overflow exploit in Google Chrome! Now where is my warm milk and bed time story god dammit!
by snowman4839 September 17, 2009
n. a book-smart person who is attractive and generally well-liked. Not to be confused with nerd (a book-smart person who is not attractive -or doesn't keep up his/her appearence- and usually a social outcast) or a dork (does not have to be smart or popular, just used as a silly insult).
AC: "Moss, WHAT did you make on that quiz?!"

Moss: "Uh, 96."

AC: "You nerd."

Hannah: "Noooooo, Moss's a geek; she's pretty!"

Moss: "Why thank you!"
by hannahisbored31809 March 18, 2009
A person who knows alot about alot of things, including comics, science fiction and cult movies and books.
kevin Smith is a geek who is very smart.
by SpiceMonkey August 21, 2008
obsessive computer user: somebody who is a proud or enthusiastic user of computers or other technology, sometimes to an excessive degree (informal)
is your best friend a computer? oh you are a geek man!
(i'm joking XD)
by Q29zZ== January 18, 2008
"Obsessively enthusiastic." -Dr. Who, S3 - E7. The Lazarus Project.
"What is that, it looks like a sonic resonator." -The Doctor
"Oh, He's a science geek, I should have known." -Tish
by Magnymbus June 20, 2014
The modern interpretation of geek is someone who has a strong interest and enthusiasm towards a particular generalized subject, or a specific segment of that subject. There is no restriction on the types of subject that would qualify someone as being a geek on that subject. The interest may be strictly observational, but could also be participatory.

A "nerd" is sometimes used interchangeably with "geek". But more accurately, a nerd is a type of geek (commonly, but not entirely, restricted to interests involving academics or fantasy) who has difficulty communicating coherently with others outside the realm of their own interest.
The subject of a geek's interest can be absolutely anything, such as cars, video games, live theater, movies, music, technology, etc. Or the interest could be focused on a specific segment, such as a type of car, a style of theater, a genre of movies, a style of music, an area of technology, etc.

A music geek's participation, for example, may be limited to just watching musical performances, or actively playing an instrument.

The largest, and most vocal, collection of people who have a strong interest and enthusiasm towards a particular subject would be sports geeks.
by mad_mallet January 22, 2014
a person who honestly could not possibly care less what is "cool" or what people think about them.
If they like something that no one else is interested in (books, tumbler, doctor who) they will proudly display and talk about those things.
Not to be confused with a hipster... Hipsters try too hard.
Bob's love for shakespearian insults really brings out the geek in him.
by KimiJay January 06, 2014