An inquisitive individual that handles information about a certain topic whether it is for recreational purposes, a promising career, or both.

A geek typically is intelligent in some manner; and is always interested in a particular topic. Geeks have social skills unlike a nerd, which is similar intellectually, yet is a socially awkward individual. Geeks also tend to be, but are not limited to, nonathletic.
1. Adam is a computer geek. He'll be your boss some day.

2. Ricky is a film geek. He organizes all his movies alphabetically.

3. David is a guitar geek. He'll be keeping his neighbors up at night while he rocks out.

4. Kevin is a anime geek. He wants to move to Japan.

5. Gina is a book geek. She can't get her head out of those pages!

6. Stacie is a drama geek. She loves the stage.

7. Spencer is a comic book geek. He will debate who will win what fight.

8. Ian is a mathematics geek. He can school you!

9. Jennie is a photography geek. The wedding photos will come out professionally.
by raptroes July 26, 2010
A person involved in methods of escapism involving in general computers, sci-fi, anime etc. More often intelligent but not a pre-requsite to been a geek. Often disparaged or shuned by other groups of society when with others of their own kind entirely comfortable and isolate themselves from others, inclined to not be outgoing. Has the same chance as everbody else in future life, often believe that due to Bill Gates and society's reliance on computers that they themselves will be successful, but need character in order to do so. Could be head of multi-million worth firm, could also be stuck in a dead end job in the same rut they were at at school
Bill Gates was most likely a geek at school, but worked in a shed creating microsoft and had the drive and character to drive it through into the corporate giant it is today. Similarly today a person can remain a geek all their life going no where, working in a dead end job with little or moderate pay with no relationship.
by George Terry November 12, 2006
A Geek is the "cooler" version of a Nerd, some might have the same amount of knowledge but tend to be more Popular. This depends on what people may benefit from theme. Like Nerd they tend to have the same type of "Strage Reactions", but they are often called upon to help out with computer problems, therefore complimenting thiere lack of popularity.
Most of geeks have a good taste for music as they spends most of thiere time on the internet downloading the "Reacent" music also burning it on discs for friends.

They are also a reliable source of information as there constance presents on the internet keeps theme updated on big events, like football results.
by A.J.M.D May 04, 2005
1. Either a nerd that is socially active or a jock with a recordable IQ and some technical knowledge
2. Someone that likes to have fun and knows how to have it in every way possible due to a strong sense of curiosity and/or high intelligence
3. A person that enjoys science fiction
4. A person that enjoys fantasy
5. A video game fanatic
6. A person that enjoys being slightly abnormal
7. Anyone that wishes to be referred to as a geek
8. A computer expert
9. A person that is picked on in high school and later becomes the boss of his former tormentors
10. Anyone that obsesses about subjects of his/her own personal interest and becomes an expert on the subject due to the obsession
11. An expert in any given field
12. An general insult used by those of low intelligence to refer to the intellectual elite. This common error is made through failure to recognize the difference between geeks, nerds, and dorks
13. One who knows the difference between a nerd and a geek
That geek has more friends than the nerd, but is smarter than the jocks and normies.
by Mattlkd October 12, 2009
A geek is any person who is specially intelligent or talented in any specific area of expertise. Geeks are not to be confused with nerds who are simply dorky, uncoordinated and usually lack social skills.
Geeks often have some sort of social skills yet are dorky (though there are many geeks who are not also dorks).
Kathleen is the biggest choir geek in school.
Bob knows all about computer programming
he's the company computer geek.
by Leenie11 July 12, 2008
A geek is a nerd with a social life/skills. They usually have an odd personality.
Everyone knows that geek.
by 1.4/\/\.1337 November 15, 2007
An individual who obsesses over tech, video games, and RPGs. Often mistaken for a nerd which obsesses over knowledge.
"Woah! That kid has all of the dungeons and dragons handbooks in his backpack, he's a bigger geek than I am!"
by kevtastic September 08, 2008

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