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A name to define the sikkest cunt out. This guy is a motherfukin genious and is usally always ten steps ahead. A natural born leader and business man. Often misunderstood for his outlandish statements and cocky persona. A guy with the name vasily is extremely attractive, out going and is someone you shouldn't fuk with. Cause if you cross the line with a sikunt named Vasily unfourtnatly ur fuked.
Yo thats Vasily

Omg He is the sikkest cunt out uleh

Omg why?

Because his name is Vasily omg uleh

by The intellegent one November 15, 2008
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Richest guy in the world, the chuck norris of money.
He can buy everything.
His suits are made of Money.
He's famous.
Everyone knows Vasy.
"Oh, Snap we missed our train. Let's call Vasily, we can borrow his private jet."
by im_a_cute_tiger August 14, 2009
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