SMS language abbreviation for "god damned beer goggles". It is typically used to convey regret or remorse regarding a poor choice of sexual partner due to the consumption of alcohol. While not entirely a legitimate excuse for hooking up with a 3, it can help a person convince them self that nothing embarrassing or degrading has occurred. Often sent as a reply to a text message sent by a friend mocking your choice of sexual partner the prior evening.
(SMS Conversation)

TOM: "the zoo asked if you could drop off that chick you took home last night by 2."

JERRY: "fuck you dude. gdbg..."

TOM: "thats not an excuse. real talk though i'll bring my trailer over in a while to help you out"
by ihatepsuedonyms123 August 23, 2011
Top Definition
Short for 'God Damn Based God' used when in a hurry or when texting.
See 'Based God' or 'Lil B'
gdbg fucked all my bitches
my bitch just got fucked gdbg
gdbg you got my back
by thefakebasedgod July 17, 2013
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