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1 definition by ihatepsuedonyms123

SMS language abbreviation for "god damned beer goggles". It is typically used to convey regret or remorse regarding a poor choice of sexual partner due to the consumption of alcohol. While not entirely a legitimate excuse for hooking up with a 3, it can help a person convince them self that nothing embarrassing or degrading has occurred. Often sent as a reply to a text message sent by a friend mocking your choice of sexual partner the prior evening.
(SMS Conversation)

TOM: "the zoo asked if you could drop off that chick you took home last night by 2."

JERRY: "fuck you dude. gdbg..."

TOM: "thats not an excuse. real talk though i'll bring my trailer over in a while to help you out"
by ihatepsuedonyms123 August 23, 2011