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gda I'm finally here!
by DKizzo December 23, 2011
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Gravity defying ass. Ass that goes against the law of nature, Newton's law of gravity, by noticeably protruding outward and not sagging despite its mass. Only those with this type of ass can appropriately wear the infamous Apple Bottom Jeans.
Damn, look at that girl with awesome GDA!
by sympathy April 01, 2009
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We had to gda waiting for the guys who were late.
by sslackerr March 31, 2016
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Having a Big weekends GDA all weekend long

I am GDA
by D man 27 September 23, 2010
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GDA Stands for Greatest Dane Advertising, but it also STANDS for;

Guarantees to promote local business by combining the attraction of dogs with passionate professionals.

Dedication to providing exceptional service for any potential client.

Attracting everyone with well crafted, unique mobile advertisement.
GDA is the finest Ad service in the Denver area!
by GD Ads October 25, 2011
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