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Gazizza is a word from the world of "NewsRadio", a syndicated TV show on NBC from 1995-1999. The true story of this word is a writer's brother's friend, while playing foosball, would shout "Gazizza!" every time he hit the ball.

However, in the NewsRadio world (Specifically in episodes "Office Feud," and "Space," it is used as an informal greeting.

See also "Bitchcakes", and "Internot!"
"Gazizza, Catherine."
"Gazizza, Bill."
by neptho April 09, 2006
Greeting meeting what's up? or how's it going?
Gazizza my brotha!
by Hank February 06, 2003
gazizza doosnufus
what's up dumbass
by .-._.-. December 11, 2003