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Someone who is a big gay.
Usually used in games : someone that plays like a gay, using coward tactics.
Damn, stop playing like a gayz0r, don't camp like that :-@
by K3vin April 23, 2005
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Outside of l33t speak, describing anything stupid or illogical. Used when there may be people present who take offense to using "gay" as a pejorative.
The movie theater's closed because it's raining? That's gayz0rs!
by grundig May 19, 2005
4 3
This is a term when someone is pissed the hell off at someone who had just killed/pwned them. They say this at a person, or a event that has just happend.
Oh, tat n00b is o gayz0rs! he uses those maj0r h4x0rs!

Oh, that was gayz0rs how he shot me. HE USES THOSE FUCKING H4XX0RS!
by JsRf13 March 08, 2005
3 6
Interchangable with Phal at times. Whereas the aforementioned is a nickname exclusively for anybody by the name of Phil or Phillip, gayz0r is a nickname or adjective with the same meaning that can be used to refer to or describe anybody.

One drawback of the word is its anti-homosexual connotations and subsequent inappropriateness in mixed company.
My friend Phal is gayz0r.
by Diane October 20, 2004
4 7
Used in order to identify someone who is acting in a way that the user is affended by.
John Silvey is so Gayz0r! he just sits there with that stupid sniper rifle!
by Vince Rossano December 12, 2003
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