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A suffix that you stick to the radical of the wanted word to add some "leetness" to it.
OMFG that dude is t3h pwnz0r!!!111!
by K3vin April 23, 2005
The addition of "lol" and "owned".
Used in games when someone got killed like a shit and that you laugh for it.
*Cpt.Warrior got killed by Sgt.pwnz0r*
-Ahaha he got owned.
by K3vin April 23, 2005
Someone who is a big gay.
Usually used in games : someone that plays like a gay, using coward tactics.
Damn, stop playing like a gayz0r, don't camp like that :-@
by K3vin April 23, 2005
Someone who hides his thoughts.
Only works for men.
Oh c'mon, tell me your real thoughts! Don't act like a Tixxo!
by K3vin April 23, 2005
The same thing as "lolowned" but with "rofl" and "pwnt".
But really tougher than "lolowned".
*CptGarcia got killed by CptGirardo's rocket launcher*
by K3vin April 23, 2005
Usually used in games,when a friend shot you down and he's on the same team,you can call it a cunt-faced fucktard...means dumbass but more violent.
Nooooooooo,that dickhead threw a grenade at me and I'm dead now,what a cunt-faced fucktard!
by K3vin October 16, 2004
More like something ironical which means that someone has crappy weapons.
-Lol, we just owned them so bad!
-Yeah, they had Iraqi rocket launchers, that's why!
by K3vin April 23, 2005

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