A word describing Aviator glasses being worn by a douche. Generally combined with a flipped-up collar, or stripped pink shirt.

Joe: Hey look at the douche in his gayviator lenses.
by Pet Feet May 01, 2007
A homosexual airline pilot with little or no aptitude for the actual flying of aircraft.

Generally esconced in a third world country, suspected of child molestation. Unable to function in a first world country.

Is often seen wearing gumboots at inappropriate times and events.

Photographic evidence of homosexual family traits often bandied about, eg the wearing of kilts,(skirts).

An absurd individual.
Passenger: Excuse me stewardess, my young son would like to visit the cockpit, is that possible?

Stewardess: Oh sure ma'am. But you do know that Captain Mcarthur is a GAYVIATOR, so your little son might be in line for a stretched poopoo.

Passenger: Oh thats ok, his father is a GUMBOOT-FAG. He's used to it.
by smoka36 March 14, 2010
A pair of sunglasses similar to the aviators worn by cops and pilots but has smaller curved lenses and fit tighter than typical aviators.
Jesse thinks Brad looks so cool in those slick gayviators he's wearing.
by Busta Bus July 29, 2008
Noun: extra tight aviator sunglasses that sit at the top of your eyes.
Busse got a nice new pair of gayviators.
by Jesse good July 16, 2008
Large sunglasses that closely resemble Aviators. Gayviators are generally worn by cops, and have fully reflective lenses.
"You look like a cop with those Gayviators on, while you're at it why don't you grow a crustache."
by Alexander Marshall February 20, 2008
overpriced aviator sunglasses. Once trailblazed by hippsters then into fell into the public eye.
"I am looking for something like an Aviator Pair of Sunglasses"
"try these, there are Gayviators. They cost ($75.00-600.00)"
by Felix Tripp January 30, 2007
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