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A jealous Maori.
Kiwi: Man, You are so stink eh!

Australian: Pardon?

Kiwi: Plark eh bro?

Australian: I dont understand sorry, I wish I spoke Maori, I feel like an arcus.
by smoka36 March 14, 2010
A guy who wears inappropriate footwear to nightclubs in a vain attempt to be noticed. In other words a characterless loser, grasping at anything that will set him apart from the crowd.

A sslf absorbed, unaware twat, who is laughed at in pity.
Person 1:"Look at that guy, hes got plastic bags for shoes."

Person 2:" SOOO Lame, he has small genitals, what a gumboot oliver!!"
by smoka36 March 13, 2010
A homosexual airline pilot with little or no aptitude for the actual flying of aircraft.

Generally esconced in a third world country, suspected of child molestation. Unable to function in a first world country.

Is often seen wearing gumboots at inappropriate times and events.

Photographic evidence of homosexual family traits often bandied about, eg the wearing of kilts,(skirts).

An absurd individual.
Passenger: Excuse me stewardess, my young son would like to visit the cockpit, is that possible?

Stewardess: Oh sure ma'am. But you do know that Captain Mcarthur is a GAYVIATOR, so your little son might be in line for a stretched poopoo.

Passenger: Oh thats ok, his father is a GUMBOOT-FAG. He's used to it.
by smoka36 March 14, 2010
A closeted homosexual with a latex partialism. One who actively wears inappropriate attire, such as gumboots, in a totally in appropriate locale, eg: a nightclub, or racemeeting.
Person 1: OMG Pam, nice suit, but why is he wearing those gumboots, is it for attention.

Person 2: Yes Karla, its for attention, but not the type we can give. What a Gumboot-fag!!!
by smoka36 March 13, 2010
A pathetic little man. Usually suffers from a twitch that affects only one shoulder, and is often seen walking aimlessly in circles.

An idiot. Makes up nicknames for himself such as: Captain Whitesnake.

A truly pathetic individual.
Brian: Man your clothes are so like... uncool hey.

Frank: Oh no dude, really? I feel real bad now.

Brian: On the other hand, check out that Murtagh over there!

Frank: Thanks man, I don't feel so bad about myself now.
by smoka36 March 14, 2010

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