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i actually started this word in 2002 at my school and it means kelvin cato, a basketball player, but hes gay so we combined it to make fun of every one

#2. a faggot
you freaking gayto get the hell out of here
by dave moore July 03, 2003
ACTUALLY, i made this word up. Gaytoe is when something is both gay and ghetto, hence "gaytoe".
"mayne this party is gay there ain't no alcohol up in this bitch."
"i know right and this hoes house is ghetto as hell."
"yeah this shit is gaytoe forreal."
by pimpin'since1989 December 07, 2008
Actually Jodi made it up, and it's what you do when you can't spell words like ghetto. You make up other words that sound that same to replace them.
thsi computer is GAYTOE
by Adiggity October 14, 2004
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