(n) gayhole: a conjunction of the words gay and asshole. Gay is not used in the sense to connote homosexuality, rather lameness or being socially inept. Asshole is used in the traditional sense.
Frank and Heidi asked Frosty if he was on a boat, and his mother, Wade or his best friend/dog were sinking, which would he save. He chose Wade over his mom and Rudy!!

What a gayhole!!
by ZerrinMa May 03, 2010
Top Definition
A homophobic derogatory reference to a person with homosexual tendency. The term signifies a person who is gay and thereby perverted in being obsessed with any hole where he can release his energy. Any person considered abnormal or of dubious character.
Watch your ass he is a gayhole.
by Abba Saab June 17, 2006
A fag's asshole. A heterosexually challenged individual's asshole.
This music is such gayhole.
by Table For All December 03, 2007
A word that, should it be viewed by someone, should make them feel disappointed in themselves. Usually written down, typed or broadcast via other media to catch people out.
*after reading the above*
AWW NAWW! I just got gayhole'd likes...
by tetris-p December 06, 2009
Someone who likes gay stuff.
My friend bumby is a gay-hole because he likes dokken.
by Eric October 18, 2002
a person acting like an asshole (a-hole) in a gay fashion

1: a (supposedly) straight person acting flamboyantly gay in jest, but is really not that funny

2: a (supposedly) straight person acting flamboyantly gay in order to make a second person look more gay, but only succeeding in making their self look gay
Gay Hole: -to man #1- "Oh WOW! I just LOVE what you did with your hair today!"
Man #1: "Oh, wow, Thanks! Yeah, I just sort of feathered it..."
Gay Hole: -to man #2- -whispers- "You know I'm just kidding with that, right?"
Man #2: "Yeah, well why not just kid about something else. You look like a Gay-hole."
by pepsi guzzler September 25, 2011
Poorly trained corporate human resource employees.
Why won't that stupid inept HR douche bag never call me back?! What a gayhole!
by RJ97000000 November 17, 2011
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