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The action of sucking out the juices and tamale out of a shrimp head, especially in cases when cooked in a broth or soup.
It's all in the technique, Twist the Head off gently and sipsip juices out of the head... awww it's like concentrated shrimp.
by ZerrinMa February 27, 2010
Hot Asian Girls Night Out


"What are you doing tonight?"
"Don't call me a Hag!!!"
"You wish! I'm going out with the HAGs"
"I didn't know you were Gay"
"I'm not, I'm hanging with the Hot Asian Girls"
by ZerrinMa April 08, 2010
(n) gayhole: a conjunction of the words gay and asshole. Gay is not used in the sense to connote homosexuality, rather lameness or being socially inept. Asshole is used in the traditional sense.
Frank and Heidi asked Frosty if he was on a boat, and his mother, Wade or his best friend/dog were sinking, which would he save. He chose Wade over his mom and Rudy!!

What a gayhole!!
by ZerrinMa May 03, 2010
The act of simultaneously picking your nose and receiving oral sex; this act tends to result in the need to place the booger in her hair.
Eh Brah, I was gettin killer head from my girl but had a mean ass tar ball up my nose.

Sick man. What'd you do?

Only thing I could, pull a Green Gobbler and gave her a haupia cream glaze.
by ZerrinMa September 27, 2011
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