A gaycist is an ignorant asshat who hates homosexuals for no reason other than because it's against what a fictional book says.

The term, gaycist, is used instead of homophobe because no one is afraid of gay people. They're just unimportant pieces of shit.

Rhymes with racist.
Jerk: "Ewww!!! Those two dudes are kissing....damn fags..."
Gay couple: " Woah, don't be such a Gaycist douche....
by NINJATERTLE1 December 14, 2015
Like "racist", but for an action or statement that is anti-gay; homophobic.
Guy #!: "I was walking down Main street and saw these two grown men in pink leotards skipping down the street holding a rainbow flag. I know they like it in the butt, but why are faggots so gay?"

Guy #2: "DAS GAYCIST!"
by oaklandgirl93 September 04, 2011
a gay racist.
wtf man?! ok i black and your gay. we both lose. you dont have to be all gaycist about it!!
by always smiling December 24, 2008
adj 1. when an act is gay and racist simultaneously 2. involving gayness and racism in the same situation

Note: Unlike the other definitions, this sense has nothing to do with homophobia
The sitcom Community actually had two gaycist moments:
-Abed is hand feeding a Black man chicken fingers with a lover's tease to it as the guy has a smile on his face. The chicken part is a no-brainer but read on...
-On a dare from Chang, Pierce, and more to the point, Troy, a Black character, show up to a school dance in ladies' pantsuits. The gaycism is obvious when one considers the issue of Hollywood frequently placing Black actors in emasculating situations

Also gaycist is when a flamboyant gay man, Matthew Miller, auditions for American Idol. When he finishes, he says that a lady once told him he sounded like a "skinny Black woman." And mockery ensues...
Simon: We're not sure whether it's Matthew or Martha
Randy: Is Martha the name of a skinny Black woman?
Matthew: No, if I was a skinny Black woman, I think I'd be like Shakiki or Shaquana
by Kuahmel April 25, 2010
When a gay person only likes other gays and dislikes straight people
Suzie hates straight people, she is a total gaycist
by kristymc October 07, 2008
when a gay person believes gay people are superior to straight people
That dude is a gaycist. He only hangs around other gays and hates on us straight people.
by rogerdodger August 16, 2008
a girl who hates gay guys because she went out with a guy for a long time and was dumped because the guy turned out to be gay. she now thinks every guy she sees is gay.

Tim: "hey man, you talked to Kat lately?"
Greg: "yeah, but she said she thinks im a gay."
Tim: "yeah she's become a huge gaycist."
by paparooey January 31, 2007
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