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1. One who acts as if homosexual
2. One who does something overly idiotic
2. One who believes he/she causes others to feel inferior because of their insignificant accomplishments
"That guy gave me a hard on!"
"You are such a gayboi."
by That is so Wong May 25, 2003
A young male of the homosexual persuasion. Usually found in large rooms blasting loud or unitelligible music reffered to as "clubs". Known to be gay or queer. Known for exceptional taste and/or style when referring to clothing. Suspected to be extremely promiscuous. A live species has yet to be captured and kept in captivity for more than 8 hours.
See Chauffer Kyle in Shrek 2
by RxBoiNAtl... A gay boi June 12, 2004
A very extremly gay person, who takes it up the bum , likes the same sex and engadges in ermmmm....y h u know the rest
a person names tom lonsdale who has a gay walk nd revises 24/7 nd like arse basically i wont go on but we need to kill them all fukin gayboi
by reeeeeeeepah June 18, 2006
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