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a homosexual who can have sex for many hours without feeling the strain or getting tired like some sort of machine.
Steve: "Yeah so I was having sex with Jason last night and my god he had a boner for hours, we didn't stop. He was like some sort of gaybot."
by cannietellye October 09, 2005
1. A robot who is programmed to be gay, or one that has been gay from the day it was manufactured.

2. A cool band name
"Now Dont make fun of Billy's robot! its just different.

"Hey how come Johnny doesn't shower with the rest of us robots. Why does he always shower last? Yep.. must be a Gaybot.

Gaybots are built by gay elves.

Gaybot Rocks

My Gaybot has Kung FU grip and Gay action.
by collardgreens August 03, 2009
A flamboyantly gay male with no personality or soul, kinda like a Ginger
That gaybot is dancing with four fat chicks.
Ryan is such a gaybot, all he does is regurgitate Glee quotes.
OMG, that gaybot is obsessed with Lady Gaga.
by Johnny m.d. November 10, 2010
A person that has been playing the same online FPS game for over one year that fails to improve his/her skill level.
I can't believe that gaybot still sucks at 1942.
by nauS October 05, 2004
Used in many forms.
As seen below;
laura:''dont have a gaybot attack jess''
dont go all gaybot on me
youre such a big gaybot
this website is a gaybot
lets all be merry lezerbijan gaybots
by kitty <333 May 01, 2005
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