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the child of a gay couple. plain and simple.
"Have you had the chance to see Dan & Terry's gaybie? He is absolutely fabulous and cute as a button!"
by RachelLea February 10, 2008
when two gay men or women have a child.
Look at John and Marks brand new bouncing "gaybie".
by Jaxhulk October 15, 2008
A Gay male acting childish and dramatic.
Gay Male: "OMG!! I broke a nail...My hair is all frizzy!! Ugh...I am soooooo totally OVER TODAY!!"

Gay Male's Friend: "Ugh...quit being such a GAYBIE!!!"
by cheddar2010 September 08, 2010
A very small gay man
OMG he's tiny, he's totally a gaybie !!
by jayveeNYC November 23, 2010
GAYBIE (n) - A 40 year-old homosexual male child of a fabulous straight couple.
I have no desire to bear children therefore we have adopted Mike as our gaybie.
by C-$$ September 19, 2008
A gay zombie (a re-animated corpse).
As he was devouring my friend's brains, the zombie gave me a sultry look. I think it may have been a gaybie
by Jeremy Cutler May 04, 2006
A baby who is or will end up being gay.
She had a little gaybie
by myles March 26, 2004