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Term for a male who is not gay, but exhibits overtly gay tendencies. Suggests while heterosexual, he possesses a homosexual bone which can vary in size depending on how pillowbiteresque his tendencies are.
"Sean has a hot girlfriend and fucks a lot of honeyz on the side, but his tight clubwear clothing and love of "Gilmore Girls" suggests he has a larger-than-average gay bone."
by Lazarus Ciccone January 11, 2005
42 8
A politically correct substitute for sentences expressing dismayal or disgust at something, which would usually be described as being "gay" or "retarded."
1."That movie was so gaybones."
2."Don't be such a gaybones."
by ColetteReardin August 01, 2006
27 15
When something is gay to the core.

Either definition of gay can be used as long as it is extreme.
Keith: Dude where's Dietrich?

Eric: He can't hang out tonight, he's got work.

Keith: That's gay-bones.

Example 2

Glen: You hear Ricky Martin came out the closet?

Dave: No way

Glen: Yeah dude, total gay bones.
by amsarias February 02, 2011
5 1
an adjective or expletive that is used to describe someone or something that is so homosexual that its core/skeletal system is infused with boners and has become the quintessence of all that is retarded, lame, and/or gay. most frequently used as a reaction to bullshit occuring.
wow you are so gaybones in the mouth, stop being a pussy you friggin sloot. just get out of town.

are you cereal? we have a test tomorrow? fucking gaybones and a half...what a db, so not even record.
by thecoolestbeanrecorded November 10, 2011
2 3
adj. (gay-bones)
Having lame qualities. Unpopular. Used in reference to people only. Derived from the words GAY and BONES.
"Damn, that movie was gaybones!"
by Jessi Jonas November 23, 2008
3 10