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2 definitions by amsarias

Pronounced how it is spelled. Means bro, or dude. Developed over numerous times of misspelling brah over texts and online chats.
Dietrich: What up Braj

Alfonso: What's up mang.

Example 2

Eric: Dude I heard you need some money.

Sam: Thanks braj.
by amsarias February 02, 2011
When something is gay to the core.

Either definition of gay can be used as long as it is extreme.
Keith: Dude where's Dietrich?

Eric: He can't hang out tonight, he's got work.

Keith: That's gay-bones.

Example 2

Glen: You hear Ricky Martin came out the closet?

Dave: No way

Glen: Yeah dude, total gay bones.
by amsarias February 02, 2011