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one who preferes the penis in the mouth; one who partakes in extremely homoerotic activities
Damn!! that guy is an extremely gay bastard.
by X February 25, 2003
Illegitimate offspring of a couple who also happens to be gay.
His parents were never married and he turned out to be a homosexual...gay bastard!
by Dennis Jungbluth June 25, 2003
A bastard who is also gay. gay + bastard. That simple.
Why did some gay bastard define these two words as one?
by kryptonpirate September 27, 2006
one who likes it up the arse!!!
by gemma May 14, 2003
A big, fat lumox
i.e. Anthony Phinn
by Yamasa February 09, 2004
wood workers
any wood workers
by Joe Bloe September 18, 2003