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Two men who are homosexual lovers. Often used as an insult where no homosexual relationship exists (similar to the use of the word "gay" as an insult, but more offensive).
Bob always gets the best assignments because he's bum chums with his boss.
by kryptonpirate May 14, 2005
British regional slang for vomiting.
I feel like I'm going to park the tiger.
by kryptonpirate May 14, 2005
A bastard who is also gay. gay + bastard. That simple.
Why did some gay bastard define these two words as one?
by kryptonpirate September 27, 2006
The assholes' asshole. Actor famous for roles such as Principal Richard Vernon in The Breakfast Club and Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson in Die Hard. He perfected the self-important authority figure until it became an art form which can be watched again and again. In real life he is said to have been a genial man who was quite unlike his famous roles.
Nobody plays an asshole better than Paul Gleason.
by kryptonpirate June 20, 2006
Used by non-native English speakers as a substitute for "tosser".
Look at the mess you made, you English tossbeasts!
by kryptonpirate May 22, 2005
British slang for a strongly homosexual male, usually one who suggests their homosexuality through their mannerisms, voice, appearance etc. Combination of the words "gay and "lord". It is a source of amusement to the English that in America a gaylord is a large cardboard box which takes its name from the Gaylord Container Corporation.
Look at the guy's pink shirt and earring. What a gaylord!
by kryptonpirate May 14, 2005
Oddly this word has two meanings which are almost polar opposites: (i) An object, product or district which is undesirable because of its poor quality construction, poor stylistic taste, dilapidation etc. (ii) An object, product or district which is desirable and trendy, usually in an offbeat or gimmicky way.
I hate this restaurant. The paint is peeling and the chairs are broken. It's so spanky.

Wow, I like that psychedelic screensaver. That's spanky!
by kryptonpirate May 14, 2005

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