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A hippie from the Northeast... specifically Vermont, Upstate New York, or Southern Connecticut. Gavins often face the conflict of upholding their earthy/drug-induced values while attending school with the preppiest and uptight individuals in existence. However, Gavins are always willing to help you smoke a blunt or partake in any other illegal activities.
"I ran out of weed, I need to give Gavin a call."

"Gathering of the Vibes? I think you mean gathering of the Gavins..."

"I saw a Gavin yesterday smoking and driving a VW bus wearing a tie-dye shirt... I think I'm in love."
by ilovebenandjerrys June 05, 2010
The most lovely Irish man alive.. Oozes charm and always brightens up your days.. He is a comedian and naturally very funny..
"Your a bit of a Gavin aren't ya?"

Charming Irish Lovely Funny
by LondonFairy March 27, 2010
a Gavin is known to all his friends as CirCOC because of his fondness of Ciroc vodka. The musically talented Gavin can serenade muses, nymphos, and your ordinary college girl with a sweep of the guitar or the prancing of his fingers across the piano. Gavins are hard working, yet loyal with a sense of humor. He is what every girl wants but can't get. His cock has been knighted, hence the name, CirCOC.
Gavin's always drinking the Ciroc. Most girls can't handle his CirCOC.
by Ze Cocktopus February 25, 2010
Gavin is a name that means amazing best friend that you can great conversations to about anything. he is one of a kind and will always be by yourside. he'll never give up on you even if he gives up on himself. he is all around amazing.
Girl one: wow who was that?
Girl two: that was GAVIN hes my best friend(:
by futuristiclover March 24, 2011
a sexy beast.the Zeus of all hot guys.he is a god.
"omg!praise gavin!!!!!!"
"everybody on your knees!!!!!!!"
by The Smurfs!! January 13, 2012
Verb: To narrowly escape any terrible situation using only wit and wordplay and sheer straight-up ballsiness. Often involves purposely allowing self to get into trouble for the sake of escaping it later.
"Man, I barely Gavined that last one" (-Batman)
The cop almost ticketed me but I Gavined her, and later we totally had sex.
by captainawesome55 March 16, 2010
really sexy wedge person. with many girls chasing him around and no one messes with him. he's extremely dangerous.
here comes gavin
by ban-a-man February 19, 2011