Verb- To always obtain alcoholic beverages, to spontaneously hand out alcohol, to always be overly prepared with alcohol drinks.
The only reason we invite him to everything is because he always gavins and gets us wasted
by Fred Fred Burger April 26, 2007
The cutest boy in the universe. Has a jewfro that makes him even cuter. If you don't know him, it sucks to be you. Also named after the GTO.
"You know that Gavin kid? He's irresistable!"
by -[anon]- October 08, 2008
A cheeky bastard son of a bitch from Washington. Nobody loves him and he is adopted but doesnt know it. He will be a virgin until he dies. Fuck gavin.
Gavin sucks.
by ihategavin April 01, 2011
- noun; a sexually ambiguous person who enjoys putting his tongue in places where it does not belong; namely 9-volt batteries and assholes.

- verb; the act of violating the man-code by standing standing directly next to another man in an otherwise unoccupied men's restroom and looking over the dividers between the urinals in a hopes of catching a glimpse of another man's genitals.
- noun; "Gavin has both male and female reproductive parts."

- verb; "I was in the bathroom earlier trying to take a squeege and some dude came in and totally Gavined me. He even commented me on how well trimmed my pubes were."
by ha. ha. February 04, 2010
to all you numb nutts!
gavin does not just mean hawk of battle or white hawk! its of scottish orgin and it means white hawk of battle.
that soldiers name is gavin, he's so true to his name.
by BooBear7 May 03, 2009
a guy that will pown ur arse in resistance.
gavin will pwn you because you are a noob.
by cornacopia March 16, 2007
The word "Gavin" is a name, but the common misconception is that it means battle hawk. It infact does not mean battle hawk (LMFAO!). Gavin means White Hawk in scottish. Nothing more, nothing less.
The last time I checked the definition on the name "Gavin", a lot of people didn't seem to like people with that name.
by ginsumasta August 07, 2006
Gavin is a name. It means battle hawk or white hawk its a greek name. most Gavins that you will meet are wonderful for the most part. untill you really get to know him. i wouldnt date a Gavin more than likely he will cheat on you and not tell you untill months into the relationship. or relationshit. how ever you like to say it.
"He is just going to cheat on you again he is just being a Gavin"
by XYouDidThisX January 10, 2009

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