Verb- To always obtain alcoholic beverages, to spontaneously hand out alcohol, to always be overly prepared with alcohol drinks.
The only reason we invite him to everything is because he always gavins and gets us wasted
by Fred Fred Burger April 26, 2007
gavin is a true friend who is always there to stand up for you and protect his friends, he will go through anything to stand next to and support anyone who he deems worthy of friendship, and will go through anything to brighten your day all in all a gavin can and will always try to become your best friend and stay there through thick and thin.
can you introduce me to gavin?
by doombringer96 February 19, 2015
A unit of time measuring the amount of time it takes a person to do a drug, experience the high, and return to normal. Varies from person to person and drug to drug.
-With weed my gavin is approxametly 2 hours.
-With acid my gavin is 8 hours, but feels like 3 days
by Comfort eagle April 16, 2014
To make an utterly bitchin' martini.
You totally Gavin'd this drink!! It's bitchin'!
by mrsladybird December 28, 2010
This is the the word of a man who should hate his life. Gavin is a person to start it off who has a penis the size of approximately .21 of a milimeter penis and absolotuley never satisfies a lady in the bedroom. He will always be this way. He is also horrible at anything he does. Rather it be football, baseball, soccer, etc. he wil always be bad at it and at the same time sit on the bench. If on the rare occasion he does go in he will always fuck it up and buckle under the pressure. The coaches and teammates alike hate him for this. He also exactly would have no friends and be disliked by all. He is also the stupidest mf you have ever seen in your life and will always be that way no matter what. He is also know to not be able to have kids because of his extremely small dick and the fact, well, nobody could love a monster like him. Did I mention he is extremely ugly and usually would have the face of a dead horse who fell from twenty stories and landed straight on the cement with his ugly face going first in it. In other words, he should kill himself.
Fuck, Gavin just screwed up again.
via giphy
by TheRealistTruthTeller May 15, 2016
A homosexual that loves to drink Starbucks with his boyfriends and get it on with dirty minded boys
That guy is SUCH a Gavin!
Nah Gay NoWay
by The.King March 24, 2016
The one who died his hair purple to look like a purple headed warrior or veiny bang stick.
Bob "holy Shit, WTF has gavin done to his hair? "
Sven "He now looks like a purple headed warrior"
by Shiver Me Chivers December 28, 2015
The third wheel, the guy who never gets invited and is a real watcher
Woa dude, that gavin has been staring at us for a while now, should i tell someone?!?!
by FlammingAlligator November 10, 2015
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